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The next leap forward: Command PE v1.14 released

Published on November 09, 2018

The next leap forward: Command PE v1.14 released

ATHENS, GREECE – WarfareSims Professional Services and MatrixGames LLC are pleased to announce the official release of Command PE v1.14, the new major update to Command Professional Edition.

Version v1.14 is arguably the biggest update to Command PE so far, featuring a number of important functionality additions:

Flying an F-16 near Souda Bay (Crete), in Command PE and simultaneously in Prepar3D, using DIS

DIS support enables Command PE to interoperate with other systems in a common real-time simulation environment, using the Distributed Interactive Simulation standardLess visible, but equally important, is the remote-entity framework developed for interfacing DIS with the existing Command environment: This can be re-used and extended in the future for other connectors like HLA, CIGI, AIS, ADS-B etc.

Configurable Mechanics Overrides allows much more flexible overrides without the need for customer-exclusive builds. It also offers a number of publicly-available overrides (in addition to the private customer-specific ones) and makes it significantly easier to implement additional overrides in future releases. End-users can thus more rapidly add their own extensions to the simulation (classified models, abstractions, more elaborate mechanics etc.) and implement new ways to interoperate with their existing infrastructure.

The ability to export to SIMDIS offers a new rich 3D visualization option, using a platform already in high usage across US and NATO operators. Combined with the existing support for Tacview (both file-based and real-time streaming) and future support for the CIGI protocol, Command PE’s options for external visualization and analysis are rapidly expanding.

The new Line-of-Sight (LOS) Tool makes it easier than ever to estimate and visualize the actual LOS coverage of an arbitrary platform anywhere in Command’s virtual environment. Future upgrades to the system may include the ability to combine the LOS-visible areas of multiple platforms, such as when analyzing the coverage of an IADS network.

new event type, “Docking Operations”, allows exporting and subsequently analyzing elements of non-aircraft operations such as boat deployment rates, frequency of port revisits etc.

In addition, the new v475 database update features the latest changes and additions from military hardware worldwide, including available open-source data on the latest US, Russian and Chinese hypersonic & UAV/UCAV development projects.

Development of Command PE continues further, driven by the needs and priorities of its rapidly expanding and diverse user base across the US and NATO allies.





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