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Polishing the Diamond: Command-PE v2.3.2 Released

Published on June 17, 2024

Last month we announced a new update for Command: Professional Edition. Here is a recap written by our lead developer on Command: PE v2.3.2


Not much time has passed since the release of the last CPE update, but the dev team has been busy as always. This time around the emphasis has not been on new ground-breaking features like those that dominated the launch of v2.3 or the v2.3.1 update, but rather on incremental improvements: tweaking the new features and fixing reported issues as suitable.

Among the standout additions & changes for this release are:

  • New UI elements for the cargo-ops and cargo-container windows
  • A new Lua method for creating a new blank scenario (very handy for constructing a scenario for scratch completely hands-off)
  • Improved DIS support for the new ground-unit annex
  • Proportional navigation for weapon terminal guidance has been temporarily disabled as a number of logic flaws were discovered in it
  • Significantly improved AI logics when using dual-mode SEAD weapons (e.g. AARGM) against radar emitters
  • Improvements in trajectory modeling for HGVs with terminal guidance (e.g. DF-27 anti-ship variant)
  • Lots of improvements in ballistic missile, MaRV, HGV and ABM logics
  • Plus numerous improvements and fixes related to “double-flame” (ie. 5-sec timeslice) execution mode, as well as the v505 release of the DB3000 and CWDB databases.

The v2.3.2 update is now available for download by all existing CPE customers through the Matrix Pro Sims portal. The dev team is already hard at work assembling the next major release, which will see the integration of RTMP into the mainline release as well as numerous other features.

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