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Command PE v1.13 released, plus new editions

Published on January 30, 2018

Command PE v1.13 released, plus new editions

It took a while, but it has been worth the wait. The v1.13 update to Command Professional Edition is now available for download by existing users, and will also be integrated to the installers for new customers.

The new update includes a wide range of tweaks, fixes and improvements, but the headline feature is undoubtedly multiple-instance execution. Put simply, it is now possible to run multiple instances of Command-PE in parallel. This can offer two main advantages, particularly in the context of scenario analysis with multiple scenarios or variations of the same basic scenario:

  • The multiple scenarios can be set up to run for analysis concurrently on the multiple instances, instead of sequentially. As the outputted results can be examined as they are generated, well before each analysis run is concluded, this allows much faster comparison of the results of different scenario inputs.
  • It allows better utilization of system resources in modern powerful hardware (especially with lots of cores/threads available, like AMD’s Ryzen/ThreadRipper/Epyc or Intel’s new HEDT beasts), thus dramatically reducing the time necessary for sophisticated analysis runs.

Version 1.13 is also important for other reasons, as it introduces two additional editions for Command-PE:

  • Student Edition is suitable for use by military academies and other teaching/training environments where an affordable, mass-deployed software solution is desirable. It is very similar in feature set to the commercial version of CMANO but differs in licensing and pricing options.
  • Academic Edition is suitable for government & private-sector organizations that require Command-PE’s powerful analysis features but do not need to alter the simulation’s default data & models.
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